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About Us

Our Vision to free honeybees, beekeepers and the ecological system from the deadly effects associated with the varroa mite bee parasite, and enable beekeepers maintain their hives easily and profitably again.

Our Story

Dr. Avi Ben Shimon, the co-founder of ToBe, is a 2nd generation beekeeper who strongly believes that the ongoing unsolved Varroa issue threatens the actual existence of the global beekeeping industry. Conventional methods have been proven inefficient, and while current solutions are being used reluctantly, Ben Shimon came to realize that a valid solution to the Varroa problem must be developed utilizing multidisciplinary approach and knowhow. Based on his unique and unorthodox approach, Dr. Ben Shimon started researching to find a more suitable method of fighting Varroa. The guidelines of this early research later became the company’s motto: “Any challenge can be conquered given enough desire, determination and multidisciplinary thinking”.

The Bigger Picture

Nature’s ecological sustainability principle is based on preserving the delicate balance between opposite forces. The first principal design behind ToBe’s approach is minimal interference maximal impact, allowing a dramatic reduction in compound use while achieving superior efficacy. This principle design also manifests by leaving behind zero hazardous environmental waste, and by enhancing beekeepers and bees safety. 

We strongly believe that our non-conventional approach will make a significant contribution to the global beekeeping industry, enabling beekeepers & bees to thrive, and support their effort of maintaining mankind’s sustainable nutrition cycle.

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Our Team

We believe that every problem has at least one solution and therefore any challenge can be conquered given enough desire, determination and multidisciplinary thinking.

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Erik Joely


Experienced CEO with over 25 years experience in technical, operation and business development management. Holds B.Sc. From the Technicon and MBA from Haifa Univ. 

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Dr. Avi Ben Shimon

Founder President & Chief Scientist

a scientist and second-generation beekeeper with a special interest in education. Avi is an agronomist and holds a Ph.D. in computational biology from the Weizmann Institute. Avi is also proficient in the laws of intellectual property.

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Ilan Blaus

SVP Engineering & Operations

a seasoned executive with a proven track record, spanning decades in senior leadership roles in  R&D, Engineering, and Operations with specialties in multidisciplinary solutions.
Ilan received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from New Haven University, MBA degree from Harriot Watt University, and he holds a Director Certificate from Tel Aviv University.

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Ziv Carthy

Active chairman

​a founding partner at Copia Agro and Food VC that is focused on early-stage agro-food innovations. Ziv co-founded and led a software startup that was sold to SAP AG, where he subsequently held senior executive positions. Ziv earned a B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering from the Thechnion and an MBA degree from Harvard University.

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