The Varroa mite problem

Despite of many different anti-Varroa products available in the market, the Varroa mite bee parasite, still remains the number one threat on the global beekeeping industry.

Investment opportunity

We seek for synergistic collaborations and seed capital investment in order to bring BeeProTech into market in 18-24 months.


The BeeProTech technology



Our unique technology is completely different from what is currently accepted in the filed. BeeProTech allows fully automated and highly precised controlled fumigation of miticides within bee hives.

> 97% Varroa reduction in 14 days!
10 fold fewer miticides!
3 - 4 fold shorter treatment! 
Millstones achieved
  • Pre-seed investment: founders and grant from the Israeli officer of the chief scientist 

  • Patent protection

  • Prototype design and assembly

  • Preliminary filed tests: Highly successful and promising results.