Dr. Avi Ben Shimon is a scientist and a second generation beekeeper with a special interest in education. Avi holds a B.Sc. in agronomy and M.Sc./Ph.D. degrees in computational biology from the Hebrew university and the Weizmann institute of science in Israel respectively. Avi also experienced in prototyping products and in intellectual property issues. In recent years Avi divides most of his time between cancer drug development project and the establishment of an agro technology entrepreneurship program for youth villages in Israel.

Mr. Ofer Yogev is an electronics engineer with an extensive experience in electronic product design and development gained in a number of large technology companies such as Elbit Systems and the Israel Aerospace Industries. 

Mr. Ron Korkidi is an expert in the establishment of organic farms and has recently accomplished an MSc degree from the Tel Aviv University & the Volcani center in Israel. During his Msc Ron developed, applied and tested organic acids, Antomopathogenic fungi and agro technical mechanism for controlling Varroa mites as part of an integrated pest management approach. Ron has extensive experience in conducting controlled field trials for the quality assessment of anti-varroa treatments.