Our Vision

To free honeybees, beekeepers and the ecological system from the deadly effects associated with the varroa mite bee parasite and help beekeepers to maintain their hives easily and profitable again.


BeeProTech is a healing and hive management device which provides controlled delivery of bee healing compounds within hives, governed by remote hive management and sensing platform.

Over 98% Varroa reduction in only two weeks!


The Varroa mite problem

It is more than a decade that beekeepers around the globe experience significant and abnormal colony losses. Pathogens, pesticides, loss of habitats, malnutrition and more have been suggested as possible sources. However an increasing amount of evidence point for the global spread of the Varroa mite, a multi virus transmitter bee parasite, as the main source for honey bees decline.



Core Team

Dr. Avi Ben Shimon (CEO) is a scientist and second generation beekeeper with a special interest in education. Avi is anagronomist, and holds a Ph.D. in computational biology from the Weizmann institute. He is also experienced in product prototyping and intellectual property.

Ofer Yogev (COO) is an electronics engineer with electronic product design and development experience from large technology companies such as Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace.

Ron Korkidi is a beekeeper and an expert in the establishment of organic farms. During his M.Sc. at Tel Aviv University & Volcani center, Ron conducted multiple field trials for anti-Varroa treatment quality assessment.


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