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Never Worry About Varroa Again

Our compact electro-mechanic in-hive device automatically releases precise minuscule pulses of anti-Varroa compounds year-round through a pre-programmed protocol, freeing you from worries about your apiary’s health.

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Use Minimal Active Compound

The exact timing and precise delivery of active compounds dramatically reduce in-hive exposure to hazardous contaminants, assuring healthy bees and high-quality hive products.

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Make Every Hive A Smart Hive

Real-time hive health signals and valuable information are accessible through our connected mobile application, empowering you with better decision-making insights and guidance for your apiary.

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We’re passionate and proud to support beekeepers and bees in their effort of maintaining mankind’s sustainable nutrition cycle.

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Varroa- The #1 Enemy Of Bees

The Varroa mite, a multi-virus transmitter bee-parasite is the number one enemy of the honeybee, threatening the global beekeeping industry and honeybee population, by collapsing entire bee colonies. Since bees are the most dominant pollinator on earth, the Varroa devastating effect goes much beyond harming the hives; risking our entire ecosystem and mankind's nutritional sustainability.

What Makes Varroa So Deadly

It's all about bypassing the natural defense mechanism of bees, enabling a massive viral transmission!

Before the Varroa appearance, bees were normally exposed to viruses via the digestive system and were capable of handling them quite easily. By injecting viruses directly into the bee's body, the Varroa bypasses all natural defense mechanisms of the bee, causing a massive viral transmission impact, and resulting in a critical mortality rate of hives.

100,000 fold more deadly!

Dr. Humberto Boncristiani demonstrates the devastating effect of varroa viral transmission on bees and hive health. Watch the video: 

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HiveMaster: The Holistic Solution 

Hivemaster is the next generation all-in-one solution for the global beekeeping industry.

It is completely automatic and self-operates to optimize the spread of anti-Varroa compounds, while providing you with real-time hive viability signals without any human intervention.

HiveMaster communicates with a mobile App assisting you with making better decisions about your entire apiary operation.


But the most important benefit HiveMaster provides is the reduction of colony loss and labor while increasing honey yields, and granting you peace of mind and ease of profession





Mobile App

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Self Sustained Battery

No Need for Battery Replacement 

Replaceable Cartridge for Year-Round Protection

Supports Variety of Different Compounds

Live Real-Time Reporting via Designated Mobile App 

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